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  • war fa re (ki ng of Lagaš Ur-Na nše, The Lagash-Umma Border Con State Archives of Assyria Studies vol. XIV. Helsinki: The Neo-Assyrian T ext.
  • e 2-an-na-tum 2 ensi 2 lagaš ki pa-bil 3-ga en-mete-na ensi 2 lagaš ki-ka-ke 4 "Eannatum, ruler of Lagash, uncle of Entemena, ruler of Lagaš" 39– Cuneiform sum 𒂗𒀉𒆗𒇷 𒉺𒋼𒋛 𒄑𒆵𒆠𒁕 𒆠 𒂊𒁕𒋩: en-a 2-kal-le ensi 2 umma ki-da ki e-da-sur "fixed the border with Enakale, ruler of Umma".
  • Dec 17,  · Entemena: King of Lagash, dug irrigation canal to Tigris river Shagkush-anna: King of Ur, "Priest King of Sumer, King of Nation"; Gish-Shag-ki-dug: King of Umma c Mari Tablets: Cuneiform Lugal-kinishe-dudu: King of Umma, control. Ur & Uruk, Lagash .
  • However, Eannatum died suddenly in BC, and Lugalzagesi, the King of UMMA, a town situated about 30 km north of Uruk, marched against the neighbouring town of Girsu, which he pillaged and burned. Taking possession of Lagash, UR and Uruk he proclaimed himself King over all the princes of Sumer, (from to BC). 2.
  • Name. The Arabic name العراق al-ʿIrāq has been in use since before the 6th century CE. [citation needed] There are several suggested origins for the name. One dates to the.
  • WikiZero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumanın En Kolay Yolu.
  • Ur-Nanshe: King of Lagash, border fights with Umma. Mes-Ane-pada: King of Ur, also "King of Kish" = controlled Sumer? Akurgal: King of Lagash, son of Ur-Nanshe, lost ground to Umma. Eannatum - Enannatum: Kings of Lagash, sons of Akurgal. Early Akkadian (Akkade) Cuneiform literature.
  • Cause of break in the direct succession at Lagash—Umma and Lagash in the reign of Enannatum I.—Urlumma's successful raid—His defeat by Entemena and the annexation of his city—Entemena's cone and its summary of historical events—Extent of Entemena's dominion—Sources for history of the period between Enannatum II. and Urukagina—The.