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  • Just Classic Epic FAILs. This poor old Uber driver went through a literal hellride. The insides of her car must've smelled like the underbelly of a Smirnoff distillery.
  • 1 day ago · Work-from-home fail of epic proportions: A Brazilian politician, apparently unaware his camera was still running, picked up and sniffed a pair of women's panties during a town council meeting.
  • The Epic Games Launcher is quickly becoming a popular location to play games like Fortnite, as well as the growing list of titles that publisher Epic Games scores as permanent or timed exclusives.
  • There are a few key reasons behind this epic fail. 'Ben-Hur' bombs. A couple of years ago, " epic fail " was the phrase my teenage son used as I unsuccessfully attempted to beat him in a game we were playing. Commentary: Epic fail.
  • Epic fail means “a notable, obvious, and usually public failure.” There’s a curt efficiency in the use of fail to mean “failure” that makes epic fail sound like the newish and hip expression that it is. And yet, as is often the case, what is new is old: this use of fail to mean “failure” is actually the oldest way the word was used in English; it survives only in the expression.
  • We all love soccer – but how badly do you want to win? FootLOL lets you use mines, cheats, aliens, cows, guns and many more cheats to decimate the opposing team and protect your players. Play against your friends or AI opponents!Reviews:
  • Meme Status Confirmed Type: Slang Year Origin Urban Dictionary Tags catchphrase, image macro, failures, classics, epic fail, critical fail, fail!, fail at life, you fail, fail compilation, old school meme Additional References Encyclopedia Dramatica Facebook Reddit Twitter Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About. FAIL is turn-of-the-century internet slang that came to popularity through image.
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  • Verb: 1) To be unsuccessful in an endeavor. 2) Varying level used to determine just how badly someone screwed up. Jumping out a plane without a parachute would be an EPIC fail. 3) How we judge our personal lives compared to other people.