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9 Comments on " Cosmic Energy (The Human & The Magic Mix) "

  • Power to perform cosmic related magic. Form of Magic. Variation of Cosmic Manipulation. The user can utilize a form of magic related to the cosmos.
  • Cosmic energy – called shakti in Hindu – is the force which inhabits and animates all forms of existence. Or, in other words, is the invisible thread that links our souls to the whole Cosmos. That’s why our hearts are stargates to the Universe – they are fueled by cosmic rays resembling light wavelengths.
  • User can create, shape and manipulate cosmic energies to produce nearly any effect they desire, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the manipulation of matter across space and time, the creation of force fields, the creation of inter-dimensional portals and vortices, telekinesis, and cosmic awareness.
  • Cosmic energy is everywhere. It’s a force that is present in the cosmos, in the space, between galaxies and within molecules. We need the energy to perform our everyday tasks. We can’t exist without it because it helps us maintain the powerful connection between our body, spirit and mind.
  • Aug 29,  · The Cosmic Energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos and is essential to maintain the order of human life and to expand the parmobontcicarnofacogostealabe.xyzinfo use cosmic energy in .
  • Mar 11,  · "Human beings have a deep and ancient which means the energy available to us is low it can make us feel anxious, manic, and emotional," Carrie Pitzulo, Ph.D., founder of Ancient Magic.
  • The cosmic energy can be put to use for anything, and when your actions reflect the cosmic energy of the universe, you can manifest any of your desire. There are three levels, where the person has to .
  • Jul 06,  · Cosmic Energy is a natural and highest form of energy, using various frequencies of energy to help at all levels. Cosmic Energy is the energy that is present in all things and it carries the blueprints of creation that allow a human to grow into the shape of a human and a banyan tree to grow into the shape of its relatives.
  • Cosmic energy is the life force that is existent everywhere. It is present in the cosmos, between the galaxies, the molecules and in the space. It is essential to maintain the order in life and expand our consciousness. Cosmic energy is received by being at peace with one’s own self and living in the present moment.